Out of Roads

Naaalala lang ba natin ang Diyos kapag tayo ay may problema? Kapag tayo ay nawawala sa landas? Sa panahong may pagsubok at saka tayo tumatakbo papunta sa Diyos. Sa kabila ng ating mga pangamba at maging sa tagumpay, kasama natin ang Diyos. Manalig lamang tayo sa Kanya. Umuwi na tayo sa Kanya. Hinihintay Nya tayong magbalik.


Music by: Arnel Dc Aquino sj . Lyrics: Johnny Go SJ

Arranger: Arnel Dc Aquino Sj . Performer: Veepee Pinpin

I just run out of roads again
Don't know where to turn
I started counting stars again
Then I lost my way

I just ran out of time again
Will I ever learn?
To stop my chase of hours again
Only to learn I've lost the day?

The last thing I need
Is to hear this whisper in the wind
The last thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I'll need to go home soon, I know
But maybe tomorrow, not now
When the last thing I need here and now
Is this lasting need for You

I've been rushing out of rooms again
Too afraid to stay
I've been dreaming of some rainbow's end
But the colors melt away

Should my heart be like an open door
Help us to the storm
Permit Your wind to touch my soul
Only to leave this aching song?

(Repeat Refrain)

The one thing I need
Is to hear the whisper in the wind
The one thing I want
Is this voice that rises from within

I need to go home soon to You
Won't wait for tomorrow, right now
Is this haunting need for You
This haunting need for You

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